LSU's secondary not as good as advertised?

That's what Florida offensive utility man Trey Burton said after Saturday's 41-11 loss to the Tigers.

Burton was asked Saturday night what he thought of LSU's secondary and his response wasn't exactly glowing.

“They’re not as good as advertised,” Burton told reporters. “I think the D-linemen and front seven is really, really good.”

Yes, LSU's front seven is really, really good. The Tigers' entire defense held the Gators to a season-low 213 yards and 100 yards passing. LSU also grabbed two interceptions and the Gators had seven incompletions -- one of those actually came from Burton.

When you look at the stats, Alabama does in fact rank above LSU in passing defense. The Tide is second in the league giving up 151.5 yards a game, while LSU is now fifth (184.8).

So, I guess Burton has been reading up on the league's stats. Good for him.

But seriously? Why say that? And why say it after a loss like that? A loss that was a major blowout where the offense was barely in the game?

Burton wasn't a major threat in the passing or running game Saturday, either. He totaled 27 yards on 10 touches. That includes his 1-for-2 passing day with 6 yards. So, Burton might want to change his wording next time.

However, he wasn't done there. Burton was then asked to compare LSU and Alabama's defenses and he offered up this:

“Alabama’s hands down a lot better. A lot more physical, just tougher guys,” Burton said. “If I had to pick one to not go against, it’d definitely be Alabama.”

We can't really dive into the mind of Burton on this one, but maybe he was just really frustrated about another loss and another game where the offense struggled to get much going for most of the game. Maybe it was a heat-of-the-moment responses.

Regardless, it didn't play too well with one Tiger.

LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu didn't take to kindly to Burton's remarks and answered back on Twitter under the account @TM7_Era when he tweeted this Sunday:

"I love the fact that Trey Burton from Florida opens his mouth and say OUR SECONDARY is not good, lol Boy you are Soft as cotton! #1Lsu"

You have to love a war of words, but in the end LSU got the victory and is in the national picture, while Florida is looking to get things back together on both sides of the ball after two losses.

Those are two things Burton can't argue against.