Players shocked by $10,000 tickets

BATON ROUGE, La. – LSU defensive end Barkevious Mingo has had some crazy ticket requests for Saturday’s game with Alabama.

He and his teammates are allotted four tickets for friends and family, but he said Monday that he’s had at least 20 requests for tickets, including one from a cousin who lives near Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Mingo thought the high number of requests was a little extreme, but it was nothing like the wild request sitting on ticket website Stubhub.com.

As of Monday, there were two Alabama-LSU tickets available for $10,423.14 … each.

Let that process for a second. Tickets for a college football game at the beginning of November are worth more than $10,000. This isn’t the Super Bowl. This isn’t the national championship. This isn’t even the SEC championship.

And if that doesn’t break your piggy bank, the $16.95 shipping charges if you want that ticket shipped overnight might.

Oh, and these aren’t even close to being the best seats out there. They are in the lower level of the end zone and in row 25. You can choose between seat 17 or 18. That doesn’t come with catered food or secure you from sitting behind someone who you might consider a giant.

When Mingo heard about such craziness, he was stunned. He paused for a few seconds before even delivering an answer – and even that had to be pieced together with glue.

“That’s pretty incredible,” Mingo said. “Ten thousand dollars? I’m speechless, man. Who would pay $10,000 for a football game?

“I don’t even think national championship tickets go for that much.

“That’s just crazy to me.”

We should be shocked by such a nutty request, but there is a part of all of us familiar with SEC football that can’t help but shrug at this. As if it isn’t terribly out of the realm of possibility that someone would actually try to sell tickets for this price or that someone would actually buy one – or both.

LSU punter Brad Wing, who spent 15 years playing Aussie Rules Football in Melbourne, Australia, before heading to LSU last year, met the question about the tickets with astonishment before interjecting some laughter.

“I think a Grand Final ticket in Australia might be 200 bucks,” Wing said. “That’s crazy.

“They love their football down here, huh?”

LSU safety Brandon Taylor said he heard the cheapest ticket was going for around $375 in the nosebleeds. So, $10,000 had Taylor laughing in disbelief.

“That’s a lot of money,” Taylor said. “That’s a car for me.”

Mingo knew the magnitude of this game would be monumental, but he never expected something like this. He couldn’t even fathom having the money right now to buy such a ticket. But if he did, Mingo said he would buy a cheap truck, head to Best Buy and use the rest of the money to buy a TV to watch the game on.

Even if he had the money to spare and he could take any woman in the world with him, Mingo said he wouldn’t do it. Recently divorced Kim Kardashian (after 72 days of true bliss) wouldn’t even stand of a chance of being his date for such an expensive event.

“I wouldn’t even take her. I wouldn’t even go,” he said.

“Ten thousand dollars? Come on. Are you serious?

“That’s SEC football for you.”