Mark Richt calling the Hogs?

Georgia coach Mark Richt is all about sending out the right vibes for his Bulldogs.

Last week, he had his guys singing "Rocky Top" before Tennessee's game with South Carolina. This week, could he be sneaking off to learn how to "Call the Hogs" to help Arkansas get a win over South Carolina Saturday?

"I gotta learn how to do that," Richt said. "I was trying to do it. I know it has something to do with [saying] "sooie," but I gotta learn how to do that right. If I do, I might try to get the boys to be ready to cheer on Saturday night."

A South Carolina loss would officially put Georgia in the SEC East's driver's seat and a game ahead of the Gamecocks. As the only two teams mathematically left in the East, a Gamecocks loss would be huge for the Bulldogs.

I'm sure Razorbacks fans would be more than willing to help Richt out. After all, it is pretty sweet to watch a stadium full of Hogs fans do that.