Final: Arkansas 44, South Carolina 28

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- It's finally over, as Arkansas comes away with the 44-28 win over South Carolina.

Arkansas started and finished a game strong for the first time in a while, putting up 435 total yards in the process.

The defense bent for most of the game, but in key situations, the Hogs forced turnovers. There was the interception by Alonzo Highsmith in the fourth and two late fumble recoveries that sealed it.

Arkansas forced four turnovers on the night.

But Arkansas helped wear down that defense by being able to run. This part of the Razorbacks' offense has been inconsistent all year, but Arkansas rolled up 136 rushing yards to help balance out the offense. Tyler Wilson was spot on for most the game as well, passing for 299 yards and two touchdowns.

With this win, Arkansas has cemented itself as the next team behind Alabama and LSU. For all the faults this team has had throughout the season, it is 8-1 and is still in play for a BCS game. The Hogs are getting overlooked, but this team is dangerous when it wants to be and that end-of-the-season game with LSU is looking pretty interesting.