Dooley: Vols always beat Vandy

If the Tennessee-Vanderbilt rivalry hadn’t already added some extra spice, rest assured it has now.

A video from the Vols’ locker room following their 27-21 overtime victory over the Commodores last Saturday was leaked and made its way around the Internet before being pulled off.

In the video, Tennessee coach Derek Dooley is addressing his jubilant players and ends his comments by exclaiming, “The one thing that Tennessee always does is kick the (bleep) out of Vandy.”

Vanderbilt first-year coach James Franklin said Monday it’s a wound he will leave open and will be talked about plenty next season when Tennessee visits Vanderbilt Stadium.

"We'll talk about it next year a lot," said Franklin, whose Commodores need to win Saturday at Wake Forest to be bowl eligible. "We'll talk about it as much as you guys want to talk about it next year. We'll watch it as many times as we've got to watch it next year. That's a wound that I'm going to leave open that's not going to heal. I'm going to leave it open for a year, and we'll discuss it next year."

Franklin didn't stop there and took a jab at how passionately the Vols celebrated after getting their first SEC win of the season.

"Some people act like they won the Super Bowl, and they beat a team that the two previous years had won four games total," Franklin said. "Obviously, we're closing the gap and threatening some people and making some people uncomfortable, so we'll see. But we'll leave it at that and move on, but we'll have a lot of discussions about this next year when the time is right."