Alabama players not clamoring for playoff

NEW ORLEANS -- The push for a playoff in college football hasn’t engulfed Alabama’s team.

In fact, several of the Crimson Tide’s players said Friday they were lukewarm, at best, to the idea of a playoff.

“I’m not sure we should be playing any more games than we already are,” Alabama running back Trent Richardson said. “That’s just more chance for injuries, and nobody’s for that. So I’d say that I’m really not for a playoff. I’m good with the way we’re doing it right now.”

Alabama offensive tackle Barrett Jones said fans probably spend more time picking apart the system than the players.

“I think it’s kind of a misconception that all of the players hate the BCS, and it’s hard to hate the BCS when you’re in the SEC, because it’s been so good to us,” Jones said. “Certainly, we feel like if we win our conference, then we’ll have a chance to play for the title.”

If anything, Jones said he would be in favor of a plus-one format, which was pitched by SEC commissioner Mike Slive in 2008, but didn't receive enough support. Slive said earlier this week that he expects there to be "meaningful discussions" in the coming weeks about changes in the BCS, including going to a four-team playoff.