BCS National Championship predictions

We’ve dissected this game, written about this game and analyzed this game from every angle.

The picks are in for Monday night’s Allstate BCS National Championship Game, and we have a split decision:

Edward Aschoff: Stopping LSU has proved futile for every team that has had to face the Tigers this season. From LSU’s hard-nosed running game to its ferocious defense, LSU has truly been a force to reckon with. I picked against the Tigers when these teams first met, and for good reason. Alabama had all the tools to be victor on that day. However, I was wrong and I don’t like to make the same mistake twice. LSU has proved itself too many times for me to pick against the Tigers in what will basically be a home game. This season has been too special for LSU to fall at the very end of one of the most demanding years in NCAA history. … LSU 20, Alabama 17

Chris Low: After bouncing back and forth, I’ve made my pick. It wasn’t easy even if we are in the Big Easy. In short, as good as LSU is and has been this season, Alabama is better. The Crimson Tide will be ready for the option this time on defense. They won’t bog down inside the 30 on offense, and aided by the fact that the game is being played indoors, the kickers won’t miss four field goals again. There’s no question that LSU drew the short end of the stick in having to beat Alabama again to win the national title, especially when you’re trying to beat Nick Saban three straight times. And beating Saban twice in the same season is unheard of. It will once again come down to a handful of plays, and when Alabama needs one, Trent Richardson will deliver this time. It’s too bad that one of these teams has to lose. But as I left Bourbon Street on Sunday night, the last thing I heard was “Sweet Home Alabama” blaring from one of the clubs. Revenge will indeed be sweet for the Crimson Tide. ... Alabama 21, LSU 13