Honoring the SEC's All-Interview team

The beat writers covering Auburn’s football program do a neat thing every season and honor one of the Tigers’ players with a “Good Guy” Award.

Quarterback Clint Moseley was the winner this season.

The award is meant to recognize a player who is consistently congenial and professional in his interactions with the media and gives interviews that are both candid and thoughtful.

Taking the Auburn beat guys’ lead, I want to pay tribute to the 10 players in the SEC this season who topped my list as being the best interviews and were always willing to fill your notebook up with compelling material.

Here goes:

Arkansas defensive end Jake Bequette: The son of a prominent Little Rock attorney, it’s no surprise that Bequette was always a straight shooter. He speaks as well as he rushes the passer, and that’s saying something.

Georgia cornerback Brandon Boykin: He had one of the quotes of the year after the Bulldogs rebounded from their 0-2 start. “After that South Carolina loss, people were throwing us out with the trash,” Boykin said.

Kentucky linebacker/safety Winston Guy: Just get him going, and there’s no telling where it may lead or how long it may last. One thing’s for sure: It won’t be boring.

Alabama offensive tackle Barrett Jones: The guy plays a violin, makes straight A’s and goes on mission trips to Haiti during his spring break. Even when you’re not talking football, he always has something interesting to say.

Ole Miss defensive end Kentrell Lockett: ESPN college football analyst Mark May had better beware, because the loquacious Lockett has made it known that he’s gunning for May’s job.

Vanderbilt linebacker Chris Marve: When Marve is finished snuffing out ball-carriers on the football field, he’ll be in a court room somewhere litigating cases.

LSU defensive end Sam Montgomery: Of all the players in the SEC, Montgomery was the most fearless when talking to the media. He’ll tell you precisely what’s on his mind and doesn’t hold anything back.

Alabama running back Trent Richardson: For a guy that was inundated with media attention, Richardson never changed. He was always willing to talk, always willing to provide insight and always pleasant despite being swamped by interview requests.

LSU receiver Russell Shepard: OK, he waffled there at the end on whether or not he was going to return to LSU next season, but Shepard’s a go-to guy after games. He’s smart, witty and always willing to speak his mind.

Alabama center William Vlachos: One of the toughest guys in the league and one of the funniest, Vlachos is a sports writer’s dream. A lot of times, he writes your story for you with the stories he tells.