SEC fans are most excited about the Aggies

The votes are in and the winner for the new school that SEC fans are most excited about joining the conference is Texas A&M.

It wasn't even close. With more than 10,200 votes cast, Texas A&M grabbed 69 percent of the vote, leaving just 31 percent for Missouri.

I wasn't shocked that Texas A&M won, but getting nearly 70 percent of the vote did catch me off guard a little. I guess that Texas flavor is really welcomed around these parts.

I am pretty excited about venturing down into Aggie Country, too. I was born in Texas, but I was there for just the first three months of my life, so I don't remember a thing. I've flown into Dallas (where I was born), but never stepped outside of the airport. I'm ready to spend some real quality time in the Lone Star State.

Texas A&M is rich in tradition when it comes to all sports, but especially football. The sight of that stadium on a Saturday afternoon must be amazing.

But Missouri brings a lot to the SEC as well. Like College Station, I've never been to Columbia, so I'm excited to head out there this year. I've heard nothing but good things about it and the "Home Turf" series has me craving some Columbia eateries.

This new group of Tigers should be fun to watch next season, and I still think Missouri will put up a fight next year in the SEC East. I'm not sure what Texas A&M will do at the moment, considering it lost so much from last year's team, but I believe Kevin Sumlin will have his team fighting its way through the conference soon enough.

Honestly, seeing both teams in the SEC next fall will be strange and it'll take some getting used to, but eventually they'll feel like part of the family.