Saban, Alabama assistants cash in

Fresh off his second national championship in the last three years, Alabama coach Nick Saban has been rewarded with a two-year contract extension and raise, which was approved Monday by the university's board of trustees.

Saban's deal now runs through Jan. 31, 2020, and his total financial package will average out to $5.62 million per year. He'll earn $5.32 million in 2012, and with raises built into the deal, would go up to $5.97 million in the final year of his contract in 2019. Saban turned 60 this past October.

Even though there are always going to be rumors to the contrary, Saban isn't leaving Alabama for another coaching job. Based on the conversations I've had with him over the last few years, he has every intention to finish his career at Alabama. He's settled in there. The infrastructure is the way he wants it, and he's invested a lot of time and effort in getting it the way he wants it.

Moreover, his family is happy at Alabama, and he knows everything is in place to win a few more national titles.

So why go anywhere else?

And before anybody says his ego is such that he's going to want to give the NFL another shot, he's made it abundantly clear that coaching in the NFL isn't his thing.

I honestly don't see any way that he goes back. He wasn't happy coaching in the NFL. He's happy doing what he's doing now, and so is his wife, Terry.

The other thing to consider is that Saban has pretty much received just about everything he's asked for at Alabama.

He's not the only one cashing in financially. So are his assistants.

Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart went from $850,000 to $950,000. Also, first-year offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier will earn $590,000. Both Smart and Nussmeier have three-year deals.

Outside linebackers coach Lance Thompson, back for his second stint at Alabama after coaching at Tennessee the last three years, received a two-year deal and will make $375,000.

Of the Crimson Tide's 10 assistants, counting strength and conditioning coordinator Scott Cochran, seven make at least $310,000 annually.