The SEC guide to LSU's home turf

Our "Home Turf" series continues in LSU's home of Baton Rouge, La.

Past stops along the way:

I've been to the Bayou a few times, but haven't seen everything. LSU fans came out fast and ready to show us about having a good time when we're in town:

Seth in Baton Rouge writes: Wow, where to start...in an effort to keep this manageable, I will name a couple of places while obviously omitting some other great spots. First, if you are looking for a spot or two close to campus, check out the Chimes on Highland at Dalrymple or WalkOn's at the corner of Burbank and Nicholson (opened by a couple of former LSU basketball walk-ons). Second, if you're in the night before and want to try a great steakhouse, check out Fleming's on Corporate Blvd or Mansur's.Third, if you make it to BR, make sure you head to Mike the Tiger's habitat before the game. Pay homage to one of the most well-cared-for animals in the country (the LSU vet school is on call 24/7 for Mike). Last and most important, walk around the tailgating areas. Yes, you will get "Tiger-baited" but if you can listen to it for a second, you will be offered gumbo, jambalaya, and a cold drink (whatever you prefer). This is by far the best food you will find...in the parking lots and fields surrounding Death Valley! Geaux Tigers!

My thoughts: From my experience, it's tough to pass up tailgate food in Baton Rouge. Just can't do it.

Chris in Denham Springs, La., writes: One of the best places that I have found to eat in the area is a little place southeast of Baton Rouge on the diversion Canal. It is a little bit of a scenic drive, but is well worth it. The appitezers are wonderful including the stuffed mushrooms, Onion Rings, Boiled Shrimp, and Fried Mushrooms. Entrees... Well down here in Louisiana everything must be fried and you must have a plate that is completely full. This place is no Exception...... YOU will not leave there hungry and with a doggie bag. It would suggest one of the Platters: Shrimp Trawl, Crab Trap, Crawfish Bayou, or the Fishermans Platter. If you are really hungry try the Large Seafood platter with Fried fish, Shrimp, Oysters, Stuffed Crab, stuffed Shrimp, Frog Legs, soft-shelled crab and of course Seafood gumbo. It also comes with sides: FF, Bk Pot. salad coleslaw. A meal for any king. I hope I have presuaded you. This is by far the best seafood you will get in the area. On weekends, show up early. Man, I have made myself hungry....Thanks for your time.

My thoughts: Nothing wrong with fried and thank you for making me hungry.

Kyle in Baton Rouge writes: If you're looking for a good po boy, Chelseas is the place to go. Its hard to find under one of the roads, but the food is delicious.The Chimes at Northgate is the place for any kind of good food, and you can enjoy their beers from around the world as you eat. Plus, its only a 10 minute walk from Tiger Stadium. For Italian, there is no better place than Monjunis. A little far from campus, but the food will not disappoint. Enjoy your time in Baton Rouge, and Geaux Tigers!

Brandon in FT Gordon, Ga., writes: Well everyone is aware of the food and the proximity to New Orleans. There are a couple of things to do OTHER than eat, and both are in the same area. One is the USS Kidd DD-661. This WWII era destroyer is highly decorated and is a wonderful place to see with the family. For those individuals of legal age, there are two riverboat casinos that I have always enjoyed. The Hollywood Casino and Belle of Baton Rouge. Yes they are operational riverboats. Now if you want to just sit back and relax, approximately 15 miles east in the suburb of Denham Springs is Tiki Tubing. Just sit back and float down the river with your friends and choice beverages, and get that pre-game in. Just wear sunblock.

Baldomero in Baton Rouge writes: You cannot come to Baton Rouge and not eat Canes. You can drive around and find a Canes. Whether it be the bread, fries, chicken or amazing sauce its always delicious. No matter what any one from A&M says, Canes will always be better than Layne's. Canes>Laynes

Wanda in St. Amant, La., writes: Must got to Mike Anderson's seafood restaurant - for that good ole' Louisiana seafood! Then you must come to a LSU home game - there you will experience EVERY other kind of Louisiana cuisine you can think of! And the hospitality from Tiger Nation is not bad either!

Diego in Baton Rouge writes: Undoubtedly, go to Fat Cow. Coming from a hamburger fanatic, they are the best in the south. Chimes and ACME Oyster House are good seafood options.

My thoughts: I've overdosed on ACME oysters a few times in my life.

JW in Dallas, writes: You HAVE to do Chimes brunch on Sunday morning. Blackened alligator for your appetizer and then my personal favorite The Benediction (eggs benedict with fried crawfish on top) for your meal. They also have a killer bloody mary - Zing Zang of course - and mimosas to help cure the post win hangover.

MikeDaTiger in Baton Rouge writes: Pretty much any restaurant you walk into in Baton Rouge is good eating. If you can't pronounce the name, it's guaranteed to be good. But my personal favorites are Chimes, which houses one of the largest beer selections around, or Walk On's. The crawfish quesadilla appetizer there is simply amazing.

Ty in Bossier City, La., writes: Absolutely need to hit Louie's in Tiger Town. Super food. Just don't put ketchup on your omelet. To quote, "it's like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa!"

John in Pineville, La., writes: LSU fan here, if you wanna find a good place to eat when your in the city of Baton Rouge try TJ Ribs. It not only has great food but it has Billy Cannon's Heisman trophy, and a shoe that Shaq wore when he played for LSU.

Sean in Baton Rouge writes: If you're looking for eats in Baton Rouge, I recommend a little known hole-in-the-wall place on the east side of town called Jasmine's on the Bayou (if you're willing to stray that far from campus). As far as appetizers, I've never had anything like their crawfish stuffed beignets. I'd recommend an entree, but there are unfortunately too many delicious ones to pick from. My favorite Jasmine's moment was right before the LSU's 2011 Cotton Bowl victory over A&M, when they cooked up a special of grilled tilapia topped with purple and gold mango salsa for the occasion. It was the best fish I've ever had, and a perfect start to a great night of SEC football.

Devin in Monroe, La., writes: Baton Rouge, on a home game day, is the greatest atmosphere in college football. The best fans. You either hate us or love us. There is no in between. Most SEC fans all share respect for other SEC teams. But still, every conference game seems like a big rivalry. You can't beat the competition! Can't wait to see the two newest additions in the SEC next season! Geaux Tigers! Miami bound? Yes!

My thoughts: I like the confidence.

Steven in Baton Rouge writes: For some really great gulf seafood you gotta check out Louisiana Lagniappe on the corner of Perkins and Bluebonnet. They also have a sister restaurant in Destin, FL. Great seafood check out the fish baked in parchment paper or the beef tournados. Some of the best thin crust pizza resides in a small dive known as flor de lis. Grab a pitcher of PBR or a 8oz coke in a bottle it might be a little wait for a table. Its on Government ST by Jefferson HWY kinda of hard to find but you won't be disappointed. THE LSU staple is Sammy's on Highland RD. If in season Sammy's does some of the best restaurant made boiled crawfish this side of the Mississippi. Fried cheese is amazing and should be renamed cheese logs. And there grill and specials are always good. Pack the antacids and the Tylenol Baton Rouge is a drinking town with a food and football problem.