Missouri unveils new uniforms

The most anticipated moment from Missouri's spring game last Saturday was the unveiling of the Tigers' new Nike uniforms.

They broke them out at halftime. One of the things Missouri fans will notice right away is that the helmets no longer feature the "M" on the side, which has been a fixture since 1971. In its place now is the Missouri Tigers' logo. The shade of gold has changed slightly, too, and is now what Nike calls "Gold Dart."

There are 24 different combinations the Tigers could wear, and they'll have two different helmets. The glossy black helmets are the ones the Tigers will wear most of the time, but there's also one with a duller finish and a bigger logo on the side.

The three jersey colors are black, white and gold. There are four different shades of pants -- black, white, gold and anthracite. The standard home uniform will be glossy helmets, black jerseys and gold pants. The Tigers will typically wear white jerseys on the road, but will choose different pants colors.

The Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune has a good picture with players modeling three of the uniform combinations.