Poll: Who will be the SEC's surprise team?

There's almost always that team that swoops in under the radar every college football season and makes things interesting.

In the SEC, who's it going to be in 2012?

We'll let you, the fans, make that call in our SportsNation poll.

A year ago, Vanderbilt was the big surprise in getting to a bowl game in James Franklin's first season in Nashville. After the Commodores, there weren't a lot of surprises in 2011.

The contenders were pretty much who we thought they would be back in the preseason.

Maybe it won't be so predictable in 2012.

Georgia and South Carolina are the two teams to beat in the East, but Florida and Tennessee should both be better this season. This is one of those must-make-a-move seasons for Derek Dooley and the Vols. Don't sleep on Vanderbilt, either.

Is there anybody in the West who can break through and unseat the Big Three? Alabama, Arkansas and LSU have all won at least 10 games each of the last two seasons. Mississippi State had big expectations last season, but just barely carved out a winning season. The Bulldogs' schedule in 2012 is extremely inviting those first seven games, and Auburn is also determined to bounce back after winning the national championship two years ago?

Tell us what you think. Who will surprise in the SEC this fall?