Who spends the most in recruiting?

A quick trivia question: Who's the only school to report more than $1 million in recruiting expenses for the 2011 fiscal year?

The answer ... Tennessee.

In fact, the Vols, who've suffered through back-to-back losing seasons, also reported more than $1 million in recruiting expenses in 2010.

ESPN recruiting analyst Dave Hooker takes a closer look at recruiting spendingInsider, and not surprisingly, six of the top eight spenders in 2011 were SEC schools.

Hooker separates those who spent wisely (Alabama and LSU) and those who didn't spend so wisely (Auburn and Tennessee).

One thing to keep in mind about recruiting is that any time a school is consistently having to travel out of state to sign players that it's going to spend more money. Tennessee has historically recruited all over the country and doesn't have the luxury of staying home and signing 75 or 80 percent of its players. The state of Tennessee simply doesn't produce as many high-level football prospects as other states where SEC schools reside such as Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and now Texas.