Bobby Petrino apologizes to players

HOOVER, Ala. -- Former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino, who was fired in the spring after his affair with a female football staffer became public following a motorcycle accident, has reached out to several of his former players to apologize.

Quarterback Tyler Wilson said he’s received two phone calls from his former coach.

“Obviously, I think there’s some true remorse there,” Wilson said. “He feels badly about what happened. It’s a tough situation for everybody … him and the team. I’m not sure what else you can say about it other than I appreciated the call.”

Senior linebacker Tenarius Wright still wishes that Petrino would have been given the opportunity to address the entire team after being ousted in April.

“He apologized for everything the university is going through and has gone through and everything he put us through,” said Wright, who talked with Petrino in the last week. “He wished he would have had a chance to come back and talk to the whole team. He said he was sorry and to tell my parents that he was sorry and for me to keep being a great leader.”

Wright said junior tailback Knile Davis and senior fullback Kiero Small were among other players who received calls from Petrino, who has moved to Rogers just outside of Fayetteville.

“He said the whole thing really put him down on the ground, and he wanted to get it off his chest that he was sorry and that we were going to have a great season,” Wright said.