Getting it done in the fourth quarter

There’s been a lot of talk coming out of the Florida camp about finishing and playing better in the fourth quarter this season.

And with good reason.

The Gators were outscored 72-22 in the fourth quarter last season in SEC play. Linebacker Jon Bostic was emphatic that they would be better equipped physically to hold up in the fourth quarter this season thanks to the acquisition of new strength coach Jeff Dillman.

“You’re going to see a big difference,” Bostic said. “We wore down too many times last season. That’s not going to happen again.”

We obviously know that Florida wasn’t one of the better fourth-quarter teams in league play a year ago. But who was?

Below is a look at how the entire SEC stacked up in league play last season in the fourth quarter, which includes any overtime periods.

Think it’s any coincidence that all five teams who won 10 or more games last season were the only ones on the plus side in the fourth quarter?

  • LSU: 88-20, plus 68

  • Alabama: 73-13, plus 60

  • Arkansas: 62-38, plus 24

  • Georgia: 53-51, plus 2

  • South Carolina: 55-54, plus 1

  • Auburn: 41-48, minus 7

  • Kentucky: 41-56, minus 15

  • Vanderbilt: 35-51, minus 16

  • Mississippi State: 36-55, minus 19

  • Tennessee: 36-55, minus 19

  • Ole Miss: 20-49, minus 29

  • Florida: 22-72, minus 50