Both teams wearing home jerseys in Atlanta

ATLANTA -- No, you don't need to adjust your TV sets. Really, it's OK.

Both Tennessee and NC State are both wearing their dark jerseys for tonight's game. It's part of a new tradition the Chick-fil-A Kickoff is starting. It might get a little confusing to you folks at home, but I wonder what it will be like for these players.

You know, pressure play with only a few seconds to react. Your head says go to your color, but this is red and orange. Granted, Tennessee's orange is more of a creamsicle orange, but still. Things could get awkward.

“If our guys think red looks like orange, we’ll be in trouble," Tennessee coach Derek Dooley said earlier this week.

It looks -- and sounds -- like it's a pretty pro-Tennessee crowd right now, and we all know how loud the Georgia Dome can get. The NC State players seemed to embrace all those boos that rained down on them when they took the field. They had better be ready for a lot more.

This game has a bunch of intrigue to go along with it. Not only is it an SEC-ACC matchup, but both these teams are trying to make a statement this year. NC State looks like a team on the rise in the ACC, while Tennessee is looking to get back to true relevancy in the SEC.

A win for either team would do a lot for both programs.