Ready for Tebow to move on? Really?

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

When you cover SEC football, nothing surprises you.

But I’ll admit that I did a double-take at some of the comments I received from a few alleged Florida fans as the Gators were bumbling their way offensively to a 29-19 win over Mississippi State last Saturday night.

In short, they were over Tim Tebow, ready for him to move on and eager to see the Florida offense with John Brantley at the helm.

True story. I’m not making it up.

And then earlier Monday, one of my colleagues at ESPN.com, Mark Schlabach, tells me that he got some of the same comments in his weekly chat.

Granted, Florida’s offense has some issues right now, and Tebow wasn’t on top of his game last weekend in throwing two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns.

But ready for Tebow to move on?

Please …

Where would this offense be without him this season? Where would this program be without him?

The Gators are winning ugly right now. That's a fact. But as Tebow said himself Monday, they’ll take as many ugly wins as they can get.

“If they’re all ugly, that’s OK. We’ll be undefeated,” he said.

Tebow also apologized for blowing off the media following the Mississippi State game.

Tim, you’re forgiven. Everybody has a bad day … even Superman.