Chizik says Todd tough enough to fight through

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Auburn would appear to be a fragile football team at this point.

The last thing the Tigers need on top of a three-game losing streak is a quarterback controversy, and Auburn coach Gene Chizik is doing his best to make sure that doesn’t happen heading into Saturday's home date with Ole Miss.

He reiterated again Tuesday that senior Chris Todd was his quarterback and said it was unfair to pin all of the Tigers’ offensive struggles the last three weeks on Todd.

“Yeah, he’s the quarterback, but when it’s third-and-7 and he’s got five guys in his lap, that’s not (on) Chris Todd,” Chizik said.

After starting out the season on fire, Todd has hit the wall in his last three games. He was held to 47 yards passing last week in the 31-10 loss to Auburn and 80 yards the week before in the 21-14 loss to Kentucky.

Todd has thrown two interceptions and no touchdown passes in his last three outings and has been sacked seven times, including four times last week against LSU.

In other words, it’s been one of the toughest stretches of Todd’s career, and in some respects, tougher than what he endured a year ago.

Chizik said Todd has what it takes to fight his way out of this slump.

“I think you have to be tough to be a quarterback anywhere," Chizik said. “So many people want to pin all the great stuff on the quarterback and all the bad stuff on the quarterback. That’s human nature.

“This league magnifies that."