Tyrann Mathieu arrested

Any chance Tyrann Mathieu had of returning to LSU's football team likely vanished with his recent arrest for simple possession of marijuana.

Mathieu, also known as the Honey Badger, was arrested and charged Thursday along with three former LSU football players, including former quarterback Jordan Jefferson, after officers found the marijuana in Mathieu's apartment, according to the police report. The report also said that officers found a marijuana grinder, a digital scale and 10 bags of high-grade marijuana inside the apartment.

Mathieu was dismissed from LSU's football team over the summer, after reportedly failing a drug test. He then entered a rehab center in Houston and later returned to LSU to resume classes with hopes of playing football somewhere in 2013.

That place likely won't be LSU now.

Remember when coach Les Miles said he expected there to be a happy ending for Mathieu in all of this? Well, this certainly isn't what he meant. Mathieu appeared to be doing all the right things. He was getting help and getting back to school without focusing on football. While it looked like he wanted to return to LSU's football team in the future, he knew it was going to be a tough road back.

He had to stay clean -- and he had to show he was ready to put his team first. Thursday's incident proved that Mathieu wasn't ready for that, and it really is sad to see someone with all that ability waste it again and again.

The Honey Badger was such an iconic figure in college football. As the original YouTube video claimed, Mathieu really did take what he wanted when he stepped out onto the playing field. Wherever the ball went, he was sure to follow. If LSU needed a spark or a big play, the Honey Badger was there to provide it.

Now, it looks like LSU can kiss any hope of that returning in the future goodbye. If Mathieu wants another shot at football, it might be best at this point if he and LSU officially part ways. His name was already muddied after a Sports Illustrated story revealed that Mathieu might have violated NCAA rules by promoting a nightclub while he was still a member of the team, and this arrest all but shuts the door on the Honey Badger's return to LSU's football team.

It wasn't the ending he was looking for, but here's to hoping he eventually finds one that makes him happy.