Saban tired of the bashing of officials

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

The embattled SEC officials finally have somebody coming to their defense.

Alabama coach Nick Saban.

At his news conference Monday, Saban said the media need to get off the officials' backs and quit questioning every call that's made or isn't made.

"I mean, can somebody stand up and fight for these guys and what they do for the game?" Saban said.

Given how little officials make for the amount of criticism they've been receiving, Saban said there's no way he'd put himself through that torture.

"I'd step back and say, 'I think I'll go to the lake this weekend, you can have this,' " Saban said.

For the record, Alabama was on the receiving end of the key call in question last week in its 24-15 win over LSU.

LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson appeared to intercept a pass on the sideline during the fourth quarter. But it was called an incompletion on the field, and the replay official didn't overturn it. Alabama retained possession and moved into position for the clinching field goal.

"If it was an interception, that doesn't mean they win the game," Saban said of the Peterson play.

The Tigers managed just 9 yards of total offense the entire fourth quarter.