Winning in the fourth quarter in the SEC

Before we put the 2012 season to rest for good and start looking ahead to 2013, it’s always worthwhile to go back and see why some teams were successful and others weren’t.

A good place to start is the fourth quarter.

Not surprisingly, Alabama was the SEC’s best team in the fourth quarter last season, outscoring opponents 76-28 in league games.

Kentucky, also not surprisingly, was the SEC’s worst team in the fourth quarter. The Wildcats, who were winless in league play, were outscored by a 53-7 margin.

Auburn, which also went 0-8 in the SEC, failed to score a fourth-quarter touchdown in eight league contests. The Tigers were outscored by a 45-3 margin.

Here’s how all 14 teams ranked in the fourth quarter (and any overtime periods) in league play:

1. Alabama: 76-28 (plus-48)

2. Florida: 61-20 (plus-41)

3. LSU: 61-38 (plus-23)

4. Georgia: 45-24 (plus-21)

5. Texas A&M: 64-50 (plus-14)

6. Mississippi State: 58-45 (plus-13)

7. Vanderbilt: 41-39 (plus-2)

8. South Carolina: 47-55 (minus-8)

9. Missouri: 69-78 (minus-9)

10. Tennessee: 62-78 (minus-16)

11. Arkansas: 34-51 (minus-17)

12. Ole Miss: 47-71 (minus-24)

13. Auburn: 3-45 (minus-42)

14. Kentucky: 7-53 (minus-46)