Florida assistant calls Nick Saban the devil

Nick Saban is getting picked on again.

Alabama's head coach just can't seem to catch a break this spring when it comes to name-calling. First, Vanderbilt coach James Franklin called him "Nicky Satan" during a high school banquet. Now, Florida offensive line coach Tim Davis, who coached under Saban while with the NFL's Miami Dolphins, called Saban "the devil himself" at a booster club meeting Tuesday.

Here's what Davis said about Saban:

"I've always wanted to work with Will [Muschamp]," Davis said. "Will's got a plan. Will coached under the devil himself for seven years. I only did three. He did seven. And his DNA is not any different than Nick."

So, really, he was trying to compliment Muschamp by comparing him to the top coach in college football. Maybe referring to Saban as the Prince of Darkness is a little extreme, but we all know that coaches will say just about anything to get the home crowd going at booster club meetings. It's part of the act. It's all in fun.

Franklin apologized for his remark -- which I really don't think he needed to -- and made it clear that he was joking. When you're on top, everyone is going to take shots. Picking at Saban is harmless because he has no reason to be upset about what's said about him.

He's on top. He's looking down at everyone, and he's too busy preparing his team for a third straight national title run. I'm sure he laughs these kinds of comments off. He may even enjoy them a little bit.

Davis also went after Saban's personality, which is always a topic of conversation:

"[Muschamp]'s like the other guy, but he's got a personality," Davis said. "He'll smile at you. He'll talk to you. You understand? That's what he's all about. That's Will. I'm proud to work for him."

It's all sticks and stones with Saban, and I'm sure he couldn't care less about what any coach playfully says about him.