The makeup of the selection committee

DESTIN, Fla. -- Schools will have until Friday to submit names to SEC commissioner Mike Slive for the College Football Playoff selection committee.

According to several SEC athletic directors and coaches, their preference is to have non-active coaches, athletic directors and administrators on that committee, which would be different from the selection committee for the NCAA basketball tournament. Current commissioners and athletic directors serve on the hoops committee.

However, Bill Hancock, the executive director of the College Football Playoff, said Wednesday that the working model for the selection committee doesn't necessarily rule out current athletic directors, although current conference commissioners would not be a part of the committee.

"I think past ADs, old coaches and old players, but guys who are really for the college experience, is the way to go," LSU coach Les Miles said. "They'll be able to do the job without reflection on where they're from. The problem with the current coaches and current ADs is that they all have a bias, and it’s impossible to remove it from them."

Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley said he's submitted two names, and he's keenly aware of how much scrutiny the committee will face.

"Now, there may be criticism on who they pick or how they pick them," Foley said. "That’s all going to be part of the process, and one of the goals when the names get released is that people are saying, ‘You know something? That’s a good group. Those people know what they’re doing and they’re the right people in terms of integrity.'

"It has to be a committee that can not only do the job, but is accepted publicly."

Foley's understanding is that current coaches, athletic directors and commissioners will not be part of the model.

"I just don’t see that. That may change. That’s kind of what I’ve heard," Foley said. "I don’t think they want to be in that room and be perceived as representing a league. Everybody leaves their hat at the door, and you go in and do what’s best for college football and not be perceived as representing this league or you’re the commissioner of this league or the athletic director of this school.

"Now, that may change because having some people who are currently involved in the profession would be helpful in the process. Again, that’s one guy’s opinion, and I have zero votes. Well, I have one vote. I’m not serving. I’ve already made that clear."

The hope is to have the committee members named by sometime this fall, Hancock said.

"It has to happen sooner rather than later," Foley said.