Gators, Rebels carry SEC pride in 2012-13

With the NCAA baseball tournament heating up, it’s worth looking back at which SEC schools had the best (and worst) seasons in the three major men’s sports.

Florida and Ole Miss were the only two schools in the league to play in a bowl game and also make it to the NCAA basketball and NCAA baseball tournaments during the 2012-13 athletic year.

The Rebels were the only SEC school to win a bowl game, NCAA tournament basketball game and NCAA tournament baseball game this past year.

Nationally, Florida was one of only four schools during the 2012-13 athletic year to play in a BCS bowl game and also play in both the NCAA basketball and NCAA baseball tournaments. The other three were Kansas State, Louisville and Oregon.

The Gators have played in a bowl game, played in the NCAA basketball tournament and played in the NCAA baseball tournament each of the last four years.

On the flip side, Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee were the only three schools in the SEC this past year to be shut out of all three -- a bowl game, the NCAA basketball tournament and NCAA baseball tournament.

The Vols have now gone two straight years without playing in a bowl game or making it to the NCAA basketball or NCAA baseball tournament. They’re the only school in the SEC who can claim that dubious distinction.

In fact, Tennessee hasn’t won a bowl game, NCAA men’s tournament basketball game or NCAA tournament baseball game since the 2009-10 athletic year. The Vols made it to the Elite Eight that year in hoops.