Nutt can't allow Kansas talk to drag out

OK, we’ve heard Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone say there’s nothing to the reports that Houston Nutt has already discussed the Kansas head coaching job with Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins.

I would think Ole Miss fans would like Nutt to come out and say there’s nothing to it, and not only that, but say that he’s dug in at Ole Miss.

That is, if he is dug in at Ole Miss.

The more you talk to people close to that situation, the more you keep hearing that maybe there are some issues between Nutt and Boone. In particular, Nutt feels like some promises were made that haven’t been delivered on.

Either way, I’d say we’ll find out pretty quickly how serious Nutt is or isn’t about Kansas. This is something he can’t afford to let drag out, not after getting a big raise and going to $2.5 million annually last year when Auburn showed some interest.

There’s obviously been some dialogue about the Kansas job whether Nutt has talked directly to Perkins or not. The conduit is likely Kansas basketball coach Bill Self, who’s remained close with Nutt since their days at Oklahoma State.

Nutt has done something in his first two seasons at Ole Miss that hasn’t been accomplished in nearly 20 years in Oxford, and that’s win eight games in back-to-back seasons. It’s a program that’s been on the move ever since he arrived on campus.

Yes, the Rebels are losing a bunch of good seniors he didn’t recruit, but he won with those players and won at a level that hadn’t been matched in two decades.

His next move is deciding whether he’s in or out, and the Ole Miss fans want to hear him say it.