Nutt says he's happy at Ole Miss

With his name surfacing as a possible coaching candidate at Kansas, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt put out a statement Tuesday that seemed to shoot down any chance that he might leave the Rebels after just two seasons.

The Nutt-to-Kansas talk had sort of festered for the past 24 hours until his statement through the university was released on Tuesday.

Here's the statement in full:

"I continue to appreciate the ongoing support of Chancellor Dan Jones and Athletics Director Pete Boone. We came to Ole Miss committed to building the type program that our fans deserve. Ole Miss is a great university and the quality of life in Oxford is the envy of others. I can't think of anywhere else we would like to be. There are so many positives here, and we're excited about the direction of the program. Our players are also excited and the response we are receiving from recruits and their parents is most gratifying. We appreciate the interest Kansas showed in our staff, but we are happy at Ole Miss and looking forward to the AT&T Cotton Bowl."

Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone also released a statement that read: "Under the leadership of Houston Nutt, the Ole Miss football program has had tremendous success. We anticipate that success will continue for years to come, because of Houston Nutt's commitment to Ole Miss."

It's a move Nutt had to make, confirming his commitment to the Rebels and doing it quickly. Had this thing dragged out, he would have lost key support in and around the Ole Miss community.