Paul Petrino's salary will turn heads in SEC

You think a few offensive coordinators around the SEC perked up when they heard what Paul Petrino was going to be making at Illinois?

Petrino, who left Arkansas to take the Illinois offensive coordinator's job, received a two-year deal worth $475,000 per year.

That’s more than any offensive coordinator in this league is making, and in a lot of cases, $100,000 or more than what SEC offensive coordinators are making.

Make no mistake. It’s a gamble for Petrino. Illinois faces a win-or-else season next year, or Ron Zook will almost certainly be out of there. But Petrino does have a two-year deal, and it’s also a chance for him to call plays.

Getting out from under his older brother’s shadow and calling his own plays was probably something he needed to do if he’s going to get a head-coaching job.

The younger Petrino certainly did a nice job with the Arkansas receivers. The threesome of Greg Childs, Joe Adams and Jarius Wright -- all sophomores -- combined to catch 18 touchdown passes this season.