Alabama offers Nick Saban a new deal

Tis the season for raises and firings. For Alabama coach Nick Saban, it sounds like his employer would love to throw some more money and years at the sport's best coach.

Sources told ESPN's Paul Finebaum that Saban has had a contract extension on his desk since Friday but has yet to sign it. The sources also said the longer it goes unsigned, the more uncomfortable Alabama officials are becoming.

With Texas coach Mack Brown reportedly expected to resign by the end of the week, speculation is running rampant surrounding Saban and the Longhorns. Saban received an extension and a raise in March, saying it was a statement about his commitment to Alabama. But with rumors swirling around Saban and Texas, Alabama had to cover its bases.

Saban is on the road recruiting, so he hasn't commented on the rumor mill, but don't expect any of this to go away until there's a new coach at Texas or he signs hi new contract. Texas administrators would be foolish not to go after Saban, but he's given no indication that he isn't happy in Tuscaloosa. He's won three national title there!

While the Crimson Tide failed to make their first BCS title game since 2010 this year, it's not like this program is falling off the map. It's not like Saban has lost his edge or the Tide will become irrelevant now.

Saban and Alabama are just fine, but if Texas really does come calling, expect a ton of money to be pushed Saban's way. Nobody in Tuscaloosa will feel at ease until his new contract is signed or Texas goes in a different direction, so this should be a fun holiday season in both Tuscaloosa and Austin.