President Bush sends Cade Foster support

Alabama kicker Cade Foster missed three field goals in the Crimson Tide's dramatic 34-28 loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Two just missed, and another was blocked.

It wasn't a good night at all for Foster, who watched from the sideline as teammate Adam Griffith's 57-yard field goal try was returned 109 yards by Chris Davis for an Auburn win that created an avalanche of hate hurled his way.

No perfect season. No SEC championship. No national championship.

But while Foster had to wade through embarrassing garbage that social media cowards launched at him following Alabama's loss, he received a pretty neat letter of support from someone with much better credentials than any of those Internet tough guys.

On Wednesday, Foster tweeted a picture of a handwritten letter sent to him from former President George W. Bush that was dated Dec. 3.

Here's what the letter said:

"Dear Cade (#43), Life has its setbacks. I know! However, you will be a stronger human with time. I wish you all the best."

It was signed: "Sincerely -- another 43."

No matter your opinion of the former president, your political stance or your team affiliation, this is pretty cool. It's something Foster should treasure for the rest of his life. It should wipe away all of the crud dished out to him after his off night on the Plains.

It had to feel really good to get a message like that from someone who has dealt with far worse criticism under a much bigger microscope. It also showed him that there's more to life than three missed field goals. That night was a low point for Foster, but it wasn't the end for him. Foster has plenty of good days ahead, and this should be only a minor bump in his road.

"Like I said, football is just a game. It's not life," Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron said. "Times like this people need to realize the sun is going to rise tomorrow."

It's true. Just wake up and look outside.