Source: Kiffin interviewing to be Bama OC

What seemed like an implausible marriage only a few months ago now appears to be a distinct possibility. Lane Kiffin, the same coach who bolted from Tennessee in 2010 and was dumped by USC in 2013, will interview with Alabama and coach Nick Saban for the Crimson Tide's vacant offensive coordinator position.

Who saw that coming? Well, if you followed the trail of crumbs, it's not so confusing.

Kiffin and Saban both share the same super agent in Jimmy Sexton, and both have shared time together recently, as Kiffin visited the program before the Allstate Sugar Bowl for an exchange of ideas and "professional development."

"Lane is a really good offensive coach," Saban said at the time, "and I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for him."

But do SEC and Alabama fans feel the same way? Maybe not, considering the way he left Tennessee after just one season. He was a favorite target of fans as his ship sunk at Southern Cal.

None of that matters, though, if Saban likes what Kiffin has to say today. Saban's never had the most likable reputation anyways. What does public opinion matter to him?

We'll see.

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