Who runs the most plays in the SEC?

Whether or not the much debated 10-second rule passes or not on Thursday (or even goes to a vote), it’s clear that the pace of the game in college football and the number of plays being run has been the topic du jour this offseason.

The coaches who want to go fast frown at the thought of a restrictor plate being placed on their offenses, while a few defensive-minded coaches, namely Alabama’s Nick Saban and Arkansas’ Bret Bielema, are concerned that player safety is compromised by increasing the number of plays in a game.

“This is the only game in history of any sport where the college game is longer than the pro game,” Saban said.

Compared to the rest of the country, the SEC wasn’t a league last season that necessarily lived in the fast lane, at least as a whole.

Ole Miss averaged the most offensive plays per game (79.8), but only ranked 21st nationally. Texas Tech was first nationally with an average of 90.3 plays per game.

Not surprisingly, Alabama and Arkansas were at the bottom of the SEC. The Crimson Tide averaged 65.9 plays and the Hogs 64.7 plays.

Auburn, which is renowned for its hurry-up, no-huddle attack under Gus Malzahn, was tied for fifth in the SEC along with Texas A&M with an average of 73.8 plays per game.

In 2012, before to Malzahn’s arrival as head coach, Auburn averaged just 60.5 plays per game, which ranked last among 124 FBS teams.

The Aggies went the other way in Kevin Sumlin’s second season in College Station. They averaged 83.5 plays per game in 2012 and dipped to 73.8 last season, a difference of nearly 10 plays per game.

Here’s a rundown of the entire SEC in the last two seasons in terms of offensive snaps per game:


1. Ole Miss: 79.8

2. Missouri: 75.5

3. Georgia: 74.6

4. Mississippi State: 74.2

5. Auburn: 73.8

6. Texas A&M: 73.8

7. South Carolina: 72.5

8. Vanderbilt: 70.8

9. Florida: 68.9

10. LSU: 67.7

11. Tennessee: 67.7

12. Kentucky: 66.8

13. Alabama: 65.9

14. Arkansas: 64.7


1. Texas A&M: 83.5

2. Ole Miss: 76.2

3. Missouri: 75.7

4. Tennessee: 75.1

5. LSU: 70.8

6. Arkansas: 70.5

7. Vanderbilt: 69.2

8. South Carolina: 69

9. Georgia: 67.8

10. Florida: 67.2

11. Kentucky: 67

12. Mississippi State: 66.8

13. Alabama: 66.3

14. Auburn: 60.5