Derek Mason has the ultimate gold card

DESTIN, Fla. -- Derek Mason has only been in Nashville for a few months, but he's trying to make every strong impression he can as Vanderbilt's new head coach.

He said he stayed relatively quiet during this week's SEC spring meetings, but when he finally met with members of the media on Wednesday, his voice was strong and his passion was obvious.

He discussed how he expects Vanderbilt to resemble the Stanford team he just left, and he has no problem expanding Vandy's brand by recruiting more nationally.

But what really caught my eye was the swag he was packing in his brown computer bag.

After an insightful conversation with Mason in a lounge area of the Sandestin Hilton, he handed a couple of lucky reporters, including myself, arguably the most impressive business card I've ever seen or touched.

That shiny thing of beauty looked and felt like it was made of gold. It clanked when I dropped it on the table, and it weighed down my wallet. It was heavy enough to cut a piece of fruit, and the tiny holes surrounding Vandy's star logo could probably grate some cheese over my pasta. It was cool, and it's likely to turn heads whenever he meets someone. First impressions and everything right?

And that's what Mason needs. When he's trying to spread Vandy's brand and mingle with new people, those cards are going to help. When he wants to show that the Commodores still have some flash after James Franklin left, those cards are going to help.

If his business cards are like that, I can only imagine what his résumé looked like.