Auburn flag makes World Cup appearance

It's been a good 12 months for the Auburn Tigers. The football team received a gift in the stoic form of Gus Malzahn, who then helped direct his Tigers to an SEC Western Division championship before taking Auburn back to the BCS promised land.

Auburn came up short in the national championship, but no one truly saw last season coming. (Don't even try it Auburn fans!).

But there's something else no one saw coming: An Auburn flag at the World Cup. Yes, Auburn's fan hood truly is international and on the country's biggest stage.

Who said SEC folk don't care about soccer?

In a sea of green-clad Mexico fans, one man proudly stood out with his blue-and-orange flag waving proudly through the thick, humid Brazilian air.

According to the Twitter account @WarBlogle, the man with the flag is Patrick Keim, who has no problem repping his school for the entire world to see.

That guy is truly living the life at the world's best sporting event. It's cool that he would pay respects to his school like that, but let's just hope that if he made it into the US-Portugal game on Sunday that he didn't have that flag with him. If so, then I guess we know why that game ended so eerily similar to one Auburn -- and Alabama -- fans know all too well ...