Tebow grades out poorly at Senior Bowl

Judging by Tim Tebow's Senior Bowl performance and the grades he received during his week of practice in Mobile, Ala., he still has a lot of proving to do before anybody thinks he can be a successful quarterback in the NFL.

At this point, the challenge doesn't appear to be whether he can improve his stock enough to be taken in the first round. Rather, it's whether he can improve enough to be taken in the second round ... or even the third round.

Todd McShay of ESPN's Scouts Inc. gave Tebow a D+ for the week and said from an on-the-field standpoint that the week couldn't have gone worse for Tebow.

While noting that Tebow played through strep throat, McShay wrote: "In a group of merely adequate quarterback prospects, Tebow ranked near the bottom, and we walk away from Mobile believing he might never be an NFL quarterback. He will have to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up to have a chance, and we cannot remember one NFL quarterback who had to retool his entire game before finding success in the NFL. Teams that might have been considering Tebow in the late first or somewhere in the second round now have to re-evaluate."

Those sound like some pretty long odds for the one of the best college players the SEC has ever seen.

That said, Tebow thrives on people doubting him. All he needs is one team to believe in him and put him in a position to make plays.

I've always felt that for Tebow to be successful at the NFL level as a quarterback that a franchise was going to have to tailor its offense around Tebow's strengths. He's never going to be able to run the ball as much as he did in college, and he clearly has flaws when it comes to his delivery.

But I wouldn't write him off just yet. Somebody's going to take a shot on him. It might be the second round. It might be the third round. It might be even later.

Let's wait and see what happens when the real lights come on.