Arkansas gets stuck at halftime, literally

AUBURN, Ala. -- Through the first half Saturday, Arkansas stayed right with No. 6 Auburn. The score was tied at 21 and the Razorbacks had 151 yards on the ground, nearly doubling Auburn’s rushing total. However, the second half was a different story.

Arkansas gained just 2 rushing yards and picked up three first downs in the second half as Auburn pulled away to win easily, 45-21.

When asked about his halftime adjustments or lack thereof, Razorbacks coach Bret Bielema told reporters that his assistant coaches got stuck in the press box elevator at Jordan-Hare Stadium and were unable to come down and meet with the players.

"We ran into a little glitch," Bielema said. "Our coaches never made it down from the half. They were stuck in elevators. There was kind of a little audible there we had to deal with, but the great thing was the kids had big eyes and big ears."

Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney was among the coaches who were stuck in the elevator, but Bielema tried to downplay the incident when asked if it affected his game plan.

"It is what it is," he said. "We had to roll with the flow. Obviously I have coaches up in the booth who look forward to coming down here and meeting as a staff and get on the same page. We were able to communicate by phone.

"I'm not trying to make a big deal out of it. They just weren't able to get down there. I don't have the full story on it. I just know they were actually stuck."

Arkansas­­ will return home to the friendly confines of D.W.R. Razorbacks Stadium next weekend to play Nicholls State.

If only the elevators at Auburn were working as fast as its ball boy Saturday night.