Georgia coach Mark Richt: Trash-talking letter to a Clemson fan is 'bogus'

Georgia coach Mark Richt hasn’t turned into Evil Richt.

On Thursday, Deadspin published a letter that Richt allegedly wrote to a Clemson fan after the Bulldogs’ 45-21 blowout of the Tigers at Sanford Stadium on Saturday night.

According to the report, the Clemson fan wrote Richt this summer, telling the UGA coach how, among other things, the Tigers’ speed “would blow those hedges away” in the teams' opener.

Deadspin reported that Richt replied to the fan with a letter of his own, in which he allegedly wrote, “There was a reason Georgia was ranked above Clemson in the preseason polls, and I am sure we showed why last night.”

The letter even included a postscript from Richt, in which he crowed about UGA running back Todd Gurley’s record-setting performance of 293 all-purpose yards: “PS: Todd told me he didn’t have a good game.”

The letter, which was mailed from Augusta, Georgia, on Tuesday, according to a photo of an envelope on Deadspin, also included a cut-out of the headline: “Georgia stomps Clemson 45 to 21.”

Did the Clemson fan really push the normally stoic Richt over the edge?

Alas, UGA spokesman Claude Felton told ESPN.com on Thursday night that the letter wasn’t authentic and wasn’t written or mailed by Richt.

“Not true,” Felton said.

Richt followed with his own response.