Remembering Herschel's recruitment

Chip Towers of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a fascinating piece up, including some old footage, where he looks back at Herschel Walker's recruitment.

Walker remains almost a mythical figure in the annals of SEC football. His first season in the league was 30 years ago, and while the game has changed tremendously and the athletes have all gotten bigger and faster, there's no doubt in my mind that Walker would be just as dominant in today's game as he was back in 1980.

He was way ahead of his time in that he was a bigger, bruising back who also had sprinter speed.

Check out the footage that Towers dug up and notice how much recruiting has changed. A very young looking Georgia coach Vince Dooley was interviewed about Walker's impending decision along with a Georgia Tech assistant. Clemson was the other school that was hot on his trail.

That's obviously a big no-no now.

Walker was also driving a Trans-Am at the time the reporter (Bill Hartman) interviewed him. Can you imagine the scrutiny something like that would attract today? In Walker's case, it was determined that his father bought him the car.

Walker was also ahead of his time in that he didn't sign with anybody on signing day, a trend that several of the top prospects nationally have adopted here lately. Walker waited until Easter Sunday before signing with Georgia.

And an SEC legend was born.

In the immortal words of Larry Munson, "He's running over people. Oh you Herschel Walker. ... My God, a freshman!"