SEC sing-off: Who did it better? 'That's Amari' vs. 'I'm A Bielemer'

SEC fans are a passionate bunch. This is not breaking news.

But it seems lately there have been a rash of songs inspired by that very passion. Most are -- let's face it -- pretty terrible. Every once in a while, though, we run across one that might actually pass for, ya know, music.

(Remember the Georgia woman who was really excited about getting Todd Gurley back from injury?)

Well now, on the eve of the SEC Championship Game, we have two songs of the South from a pair of fans who (honestly!) have really good voices. Or at least much, much better than what we normally expect to see from people who take the time to write songs about SEC football.

First up, we have Michael Mason, a crooner from Alabama who loves him some Crimson Tide. He's also a big fan of Amari Cooper, a Biletnikoff finalist who has broken essentially every school receiving record there is to break. In honor of that historic season, Mason came up with "That's Amari," based off Dean Martin's 1953 classic, "That's Amore."

Our second contestant is Ben Coulter, an Arkansas resident and independent country singer who performs a song written by Jeff and Carolyn Noble called "I'm A Bielemer," after second-year coach Bret Bielema. Coulter sang it Friday morning in the studio of KATV's "Good Morning Arkansas" in Little Rock.

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So who sang their SEC song better? Give us your take in the comments section.