SEC leads the way in oversigning players

There's a website out there, oversigning.com, which keeps track of schools that consistently oversign players each February and calls out those schools for violating the spirit of the rules.

According to oversigning.com, the worst five violators nationally the past four years have been SEC schools.

Auburn has averaged signing 29.75 players in the last four recruiting classes, beginning with the 2007 class. Ole Miss is second (28.75), Alabama and Mississippi State tied for third (28.25) and Arkansas tied for fifth (27.25).

South Carolina was seventh nationally (26.50), while LSU was tied for eighth (26.25).

The only SEC schools at 25 or under during that span, according to oversigning.com, were Tennessee (24.25), Florida (23.25), Georgia (21.50) and Vanderbilt (19.25).

Schools are allowed to enroll only 25 players on scholarship each August and have an 85-scholarship limit for the team.

Also, the SEC adopted legislation last year that prevents schools from signing more than 28 players who count against that particular class. For instance, Ole Miss signed 37 in 2009, which sort of triggered the legislation.