SEC BCS standings reaction

Once again, the SEC is looking down at the rest of the country.

The new batch of BCS standings are out, and as expected, LSU, Alabama and Arkansas are ranked one through three.

If everything works out, the SEC will have a representative in the Allstate BCS National Championship Game for the sixth straight season.

Losses by Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Oregon have the SEC sitting pretty with a week left in the regular season.

You can just feel the rest of the country’s blood boiling at the thought of another title game featuring an SEC team.

Friday and Saturday will be extremely interesting for all three of these teams.

Things get started with LSU and Arkansas. The Tigers have been No. 1 in the BCS standings since their debut and will stay that way if they beat the Hogs. That win won’t necessarily clinch a birth in the national championship game, but with the computer love the Tigers have gotten and the season they’ve had, a loss to Georgia in the SEC championship might not drop the Tigers any lower than second in the standings.

Of course, winning is the best solution to everything.

For Alabama, a win against Auburn on Saturday and an LSU win Friday could clinch a berth in the national championship game for the Crimson Tide. A sloppy performance against Auburn might hurt the Tide with voters, but chances are that if Alabama beats Auburn, the Tide will be headed to New Orleans for the big game.

The interesting thing is that Alabama will actually benefit from not playing in the SEC title game, so Alabama needs to root for LSU and win convincingly against Auburn.

But don’t forget about Arkansas. The Hogs could shake everything up with a win against LSU. A win for the Hogs could ensure them a trip to the national championship game, and it would likely send Alabama to the SEC title game. Like Alabama, the Hogs would benefit from not having to play an extra game in Atlanta.

The chances are slim, but if Oklahoma State has a very convincing win against Oklahoma, the Cowboys could slip past Arkansas because of the computer love they have received, but you have to think the chances of that are very improbable at this point.

So, the chances for an all-SEC national championship are very high. If LSU and Alabama win out, “The Rematch” is almost guaranteed.

And even if Georgia upsets LSU in Atlanta, you might not see the Tigers fall below second in the standings. With LSU’s body of work, the Tigers could still get a lot of computer love with Alabama moving up to No. 1.

That scenario would then erase the two-team limit and give the SEC three teams in the BCS bowls, because Georgia would be the SEC representative in the Allstate Sugar Bowl if Alabama and LSU play for the national championship.

The rest of the country could have prevented this, but teams fell left and right. What started out as a fun joke has morphed into a strong possibility.

Just imagine the SEC hatred.