Rajon Rondo vs. Chris Johnson in a Foot Race: We're In


Photo: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Chris Johnson has dusting Rajon Rondo on his mind.

Somewhere between the worlds of Locker Room Small Talk and Twitter Updates, Titans running back Chris Johnson and Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo have become the centerpieces of an awesome game of I'm Faster Than You. With a tip of the virtual cap to Rick Chandler at the NBC Sports blog Out of Bounds, where we first learned about this fracas, it seems that Rondo's teammate, Marquis "Don King" Daniels, let Captain Quick know that Rondo thought he could beat him in a race and was willing to put $2000 on the line to prove it.

@ChrisJohnson28: My bradda @lambo6called me and said they point guard rondo want to race me for 2k that's easy money set it up on ESPN

He also told Daniels: @lambo6tell rondo I got a blank check (@mikesimswalker voice)

So it sounds like Johnson is pretty much in. And guess what, we are too.

You guys pick the time and place. We'll bring the camera.

We'll even make it easy on you. Here are a couple options so that we can have the Melee for 2K (we're still working on the name) before Christmas. Think of it as a holiday gift from you guys to all your fans.

When and Where: How about the morning of Monday December 14th when the Boston Celtics travel to Memphis to play the Grizzlies. CJ plays at home on Sunday so he'll be around. Rajon, we recommend an early flight after the Bulls game on the 13th to allow time for stretching, food to settle and a pep talk from KG. We're sure you guys can find somewhere between Memphis and Nashville to hold the event.

Race: 40-yard dash. To be the champ, you got to beat the champ Rajon. Let's see if you can take down the NFL Combine's record-holder in his own event.

We can work out the rest of the details later. The important one is: This Needs To Happen.

As for the folks at home, we'll keep updating this site, as well as our facebook page, as more details emerge.

Let's set a date!