Our T.O. And Ochocinco Touchdown Celebration Wish List Begins Now


AP Photo/Al Behrman

Coming this Fall to a television near you: "Endzone Entertainment," starring Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco.

Terrell Owens and the wideout formerly known as Chad Johnson suiting up side by side -- we haven't been this excited about a duo since "Turner & Hooch" hit the big screen back in 1989. Cincinnati's new wide receiver tandem has combined for 1,690 receptions, trailing only Randy Moss and Torry Holt (1,846) for the most total receptions by active teammates. More importantly, Owens has scored at least five touchdowns in each of his past 10 seasons while Ochocinco has found the endzone seven or more times in six of his last seven seasons. What does it all mean? We should be in line for some pretty amazing endzone celebrations.

From Sharpie's to popcorn to sombreros to future Hall of Fame jackets, T.O. and Ocho have provided a barrage of endzone celebrations equaled by no others. There's little doubt they can function as solo entertainers, but now that they're teammates they'll have to celebrate as one cohesive unit. We're not quite sure what they've got planned for us, but if they're taking celebration requests we've got quite the wish list:

Some Vintage Kid 'n Play - It's been 20 years since Christopher Reid (Kid) and Christopher Martin (Play) delivered their legendary routine in "House Party." Two minutes of dancing would probably draw some yellow flags, but 20 seconds of foot slaps (check out the 1:18 mark in the video) feels just about right.

Dual Ickey Shuffle - Once upon a time, there was a running back by the name of Ickey Woods who played Cincinnati. Ochocinco has since surpassed him in terms of endzone entertainment, but the Ickey Shuffle is arguably the Bengals' most renowned dance. T.O. and Ocho should pay homage to Ickey with a dual rendition.

Elbow Drop Off The Uprights - Think Macho Man Randy Savage, but off the uprights instead of the top rope.

Will The Thrill & Boogaloo Shrimp - We'll leave it up to Owens and Ochocinco to decide who's who, just as long as they reenact Will Smith and Carlton Banks' classic number.

A Water Pistol Duel - Prior to the game, they'll need to hide two water pistols in the padding of each of the uprights. Then, after T.O. or Ocho scores, it's back-to-back, 10 steps, FIRE!