Let It Flo: Robert Flores Goes One-On-One With "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Let It Flo: One On One With Ric Flair (4:22)

Let It Flo: Robert Flores chats with the Nature Boy Ric Flair about professional wrestling and Flair's passion for the sport. (4:22)

Robert Flores


He is one of the most recognizable wrestlers/athletes in the sports world. Ric Flair, also known as The Nature Boy, is officially recognized by WWE, PWI and TNA as a 16-time World Champion (eight-time NWA Champion, six-time WCW Champion and two-time WWF Champion) although his actual tally of World Championship reigns varies by source. Flair considers himself a 21-time world champion. In January of 2010, he made his debut appearance with TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling). SportsCener anchor Robert Flores jumps in the ring with The Nature Boy. The two talk about everything from Brett Favre's return to the Vikings, Albert Haynesworth's drama in Redskins training camp, professional wrestling and Flair's passion for the sport. To hear the entire podcast, check out the links after the jump.

Part 1:

- Why do you still wrestle?

- Do you still feel that you can be the best?

- What is it like to work in the ring, with much younger wrestlers?

- What’s it like to have that interaction where they see you as an idol?

Part 2:

- How has the business changed, in terms of how fans react to it?

- With information everywhere, some of the mystery of professional wrestling might have been taken away. Fans are so knowledgeable about performers and businesses. How does it impact bookers and performers who are putting together the product?

Part 3:

-TNA, being a performer and behind the scenes, how can TNA gain momentum, become a major competitor of WWE and surpass it one day?

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Photo credits: Getty Images, show recorded at ESPN radio studios in Bristol, CT