Comic Book Icon Stan Lee To Create NHL Superheroes

Iron Man

Photo By SEGA

BEHOLD! An artist's rendition of Stan Lee's gigantic "Dallas Star" Guardian -- because everything is bigger in Texas.

Hockey and comic book fans, unite! Comics legend Stan Lee, co-creator of such superhero stalwarts as Spider-Man, X-Men, the Hulk, Daredevil, Thor and the Avengers is teaming up with the NHL to create 30 team-themed "Guardians" (that's one superhero character for each team in the league). Lee says the characters will be the good guys in the ongoing battle between right and wrong, even though every team notoriously has at least one "goon" on their squads. However, since none of the Guardians will be unveiled until the 2011 NHL All-Star Game, we've taken it upon ourselves to create what we think would make some incredible NHL superheroes (with props to actual comic heroes):

The Flame (based on "The Human Torch")

A Guardian for the Calgary Flames, this combustible Canadian burns any evildoers -- especially from the rival Vancouver Canucks. The really cool (or, rather, hot) part is that his hockey stick is made of pure fire, thus setting ablaze anyone he cross-checks or any puck he shoots. Roberto Luongo, you have been warned.

The Bolt (based on "Black Lightning")

This Floridian Guardian looks over the Tampa Bay Lightning, electrifying anyone who tries to injure Martin St. Louis or Vinny Lecavalier. His only weakness was the 2004 post-championship NHL lockout which instantly grounded him.

The Flyer (based on Angel from X-Men)

Philadelphia's very own Guardian has the ability to, um, fly (big surprise). He can be seen around the rafters of Wells Fargo Center, waiting to swoop down and scoop up any evil New York Rangers or Pittsburgh Penguins who might be trying to end the Flyers reign as Eastern Conference Champions.

The Predator (based on Wolverine from X-Men)

Members of the Nashville franchise need not be afraid of evil division rivals while The Predator is on the loose. Should the 2008 Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings or reigning Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks get in the way, this Guardian will take care of them with his sharp blades and powerful slashing. (Get it? Blades and slashing?)

The Bruin (Okay, this one we made from scratch)

Part giant bear, part hockey player, ALL AWESOME! This Guardian of Boston's beloved team is simply frightening, shooting fear into the hearts of all division rivals with its mighty roar and claws. Then again, when your division consists of Maple Leafs and Senators, we're pretty sure The Bruin can take down any of their Guardians.

Who needs Stan Lee when you've got SportsCenter? Excelsior!