Some highlights from Will Ferrell's busy day

Comedian Will Ferrell had a busy Thursday, taking the field in five Cactus League games, starting in Mesa, Arizona, where he played for the Oakland A's ...

... before he was "traded" to the Seattle Mariners, where he played second base.

After that, his next stop was in Tempe, Arizona, where he was more than happy to be playing for the Los Angeles Angels.

He ended up replacing Mike Trout in center field before he was traded to the Chicago Cubs for a washing machine.

He spent some quality time as the Cubs' third-base coach and was allowed to give signs to the hitters.

Ferrell came to the plate for the Cubs in the fourth inning against Angels righty Zach Stewart and struck out on three pitches.

Ferrell was traded again, heading from the Cubs to the Arizona Diamondbacks for his third game of the day in Pima County, where Arizona hosted the Cincinnati Reds.

While Ferrell was the center of attention, D-backs fans might have been more excited about the guy taking pictures.

Ferrell was claimed off waivers by the Reds and made himself comfortable on their bench.

Ferrell arrived at his fourth game of the day -- San Francisco Giants at Chicago White Sox -- in style.

After striking out for the White Sox, Ferrell was sent to the defending champion Giants, with whom he met with his new manager, Bruce Bochy.

He then took his turn behind the plate.

He finished his day -- five games and 10 teams -- in Peoria, Arizona, where the San Diego Padres were hosting the Los Angeles Dodgers.

While he was in the outfield, Ferrell found a familiar face.

He then pitched for the Dodgers, throwing one pitch and recording an out on a bunt attempt.

At least he finished his day perfect on the mound and in the field.