Draft watch: Rams sitting at No. 12

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- No, the St. Louis Rams haven't been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet so maybe we're jumping the gun a bit here. But at least we were able to wait until December before talking a little about the draft.

That hasn't often been the case around these parts. But this isn't going to be a deep dive into the Rams' draft needs or whom they might be targeting. We are a long way from getting to that point anyway.

So today I really just wanted to give a glimpse of where the Rams stand right now in the draft order so we can monitor it over the season's final month. As it stands, the Rams are No. 12 in the rankings but it's probably wise to expect that number to go further away from the top quarterback prospects than closer.

With games remaining against Washington and the New York Giants and a winnable home game against Arizona, the Rams look like they're on their way to at least seven wins again. That shouldn't be a surprise given coach Jeff Fisher's penchant for leading his teams to that range of victories.

In Fisher's nearly two decades as a head coach, his teams (when he's coached a full season) have an average draft position of 17.9. It wouldn't be a surprise if the Rams once again found themselves in that range when all is said and done.