How the Rams fared from the 1-yard line

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The now infamous decision by the Seattle Seahawks to throw from New England's 1-yard line in Sunday's Super Bowl loss has been panned as one of the worst calls in league history by pundits and analysts.

I'll let you decide where you want to rank that play call in your own rankings of key play calls in big games but the aftermath of the game has allowed for much localizing of the discussion.

So, just for fun, let's take a look at how the St. Louis Rams fared when they reached their opponent's 1-yard line during the 2014 season. In no way is this meant to compare the Rams to the Seahawks. Clearly, the Rams haven't been in a game the caliber of the Super Bowl in a long time nor do they have a proven power back the caliber of Marshawn Lynch.

Here's how the Rams' attempts from the 1 broke down in 2014:

  • The Rams had six snaps from the opponents' 1 last year, which was tied for 24th in the NFL.

  • On those six snaps, the Rams scored four touchdowns.

  • The Rams threw the ball on four of those six snaps, completing three of those passes. All three of those completions went for touchdowns.

  • St. Louis opted to run the ball the other two snaps from the 1 with one of those rushes going for a touchdown and the other for no gain.

  • The Rams' two misses from the 1 came against Dallas and the home matchup against Arizona. The lone rush that didn't score was Zac Stacy's run for no gain against the Cowboys and the pass play that didn't work came when quarterback Shaun Hill threw incomplete in the Thursday night game against the Cardinals.

  • The Rams' four touchdowns from the 1 were as follows: quarterback Austin Davis to tight end Lance Kendricks against Dallas, Benny Cunningham's run at home against San Francisco, Davis to Kendricks at Kansas City and quarterback Shaun Hill to tight end Jared Cook at Washington.