A closer look at the NFL draft's No. 10 pick and the Rams

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Holding the 10th overall pick in this year's NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams surely wouldn't mind duplicating what they accomplished the last time the organization made a selection in that spot.

That would be 1993, when the Rams, then in Los Angeles, used the 10th pick on a running back from Notre Dame by the name of Jerome Bettis. While Bettis didn't do most of his NFL damage with the Rams -- he was traded to Pittsburgh after three seasons -- he went on to become one of the league's all-time leading rushers. In fact, Bettis was recently named a member of the 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame class.

And if Bettis doesn't offer enough of a good history for the Rams and the 10th pick, we can go back even further to 1971. That year, the Rams used the 10th choice on Southern University linebacker Isiah Robertson. Robertson went on to make six Pro Bowls, including his rookie season. That's a feat that was only recently matched by a Rams player when rookie defensive tackle Aaron Donald earned the same honor after his debut season this year.

The Rams held the 10th pick five other times in franchise history, choosing receiver Jim Seymour in 1969, guard Rufus Guthrie in 1963, center Ed Beatty in 1954, back Red Sitko in 1946 and back Johnny Drake in 1937.

Going into this year's draft, the early read on the Rams' needs includes quarterback, offensive line and more offensive line. Those needs could change via free agency, either through the addition of outside free agents or the loss of players currently on the team.

Of late, the 10th pick hasn't exactly been a boon for the teams using those picks. Or, more to the point, those teams haven't exactly made the most of those choices.

The most recent team to draft a quarterback 10th overall was Jacksonville, which chose Blaine Gabbert in 2011. Obviously, that's one they'd like to have back, especially considering J.J. Watt went 11th to Houston. Before Gabbert, Arizona took Matt Leinart 10th in 2006, which turned into another big miss.

Along the offensive line, Tennessee took guard Chance Warmack 10th in 2013, New Orleans took guard Chris Naeole in 1997, and Cincinnati took tackle Willie Anderson in 1996 and Levi Jones in 2002.

Among other positions, the 10th pick has had its share of hits, too. Elite players like Baltimore pass rusher Terrell Suggs, Baltimore cornerback Chris McAlister, Detroit receiver Herman Moore, Pittsburgh defensive back Rod Woodson and Oakland running back Marcus Allen were all drafted 10th overall in their respective years.

Last year, Detroit took North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron with the 10th pick.