Rams mailbag: Concerns on the offensive line

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- We're more than a week into free agency and the St. Louis Rams have been pretty active, just not in the areas many of us expected.

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@nwagoner: There's just not that much out there right now and the market wasn't really flush with offensive linemen to begin with. That's why the names of tackle Joe Barksdale, guard Justin Blalock and center Stefen Wisniewski keep coming up in relation to the Rams. They still have room to add a couple of those guys and the prices figure to continue dipping the longer they're out there, but for whatever reason, there's not much action. Part of that could be on the players' side since they haven't acted on much either, and part of it could be the market not developing as hoped. The Rams have been patient and could be rewarded with a bargain, but if some of these guys start landing elsewhere, it's fair to start wondering just how they expect to protect the quarterback and open holes in the running game next season.

@nwagoner: I don't think the Rams are actively shopping him per se but that doesn't mean if a team called he'd be off limits. But the reality is that there probably isn't much of a market for Stacy. Running backs can be found in many places and this year's draft is full of talented backs. I'd be surprised if the Rams were able to get a pick for Stacy and he might be more valuable to them than he'd be as a trade chip anyway.

@nwagoner: I'm not much of a fan of putting arbitrary numbers on things but I would say that if I did, they'd be lower than that. I just think that Stan Kroenke has the money to move mountains and get what he wants, unlike the owners in San Diego and Oakland, and his proposal is a better site and option than Carson as far as I can tell. At the end of the day, it doesn't seem wise to bet against Kroenke.

@nwagoner: It's entirely possible that they are hoping that he is ready, and Jeff Fisher has acknowledged that it's possible Jones could finally get his chance. They also claim to believe youngster Demetrius Rhaney has a lot of potential. But you have to take all of that with a grain of salt since neither has ever done it at this level. Jones hasn't been able to stay healthy or add the muscle the team had hoped, in part because of that lack of health. Teammates say he's the smartest lineman on the team so there's little doubt he's mentally ready, but that's never been the issue.

@nwagoner: No.

@nwagoner: At the moment, I don't know if it's technically on the agenda or not, but I think it would be naive to think that it's not going to be a point of discussion --perhaps even a major point of discussion -- during the week. With all the owners in one place, it would stand to reason that plenty of lobbying will take place with Kroenke, Dean Spanos and Mark Davis among fellow owners, especially in Kroenke's case. What that yields, I don't know, but I'd think there will be some news to come out of it all. I'll be there, so be sure to stay tuned for daily updates and thoughts on the situation. And with that, enjoy the weekend of college hoops; we'll be back at it next week.